"Don't feel guilty."
I don't feel guilty.
"It's not your fault."
I know it's not my fault.
"You did nothing wrong."

Did I say I did? Here, give me that script.
I don't know who wrote it, but it's fucking shit.

And in adulthood - you know? That place you possess
To perform your heroics, show off and oppress

(Yeah, yeah, you chose this career
'to make a difference' you said.
Well, you made one, well done,
have a pat on the head.)

- In adulthood, I will hold my own sword
And write my own story in my own fucking words

And YOU, Miss Do-Gooder, won't get a say,
But don't think I'll forget what you did here today.

Still, I owe you some thanks for showing beyond doubt
That, with all the will and skill in the world
I can't edit that fucker out.