The Making Of Us (CHO #4)

27th July, 2017
The Making Of Us (CHO #4) Cover


ISBN: 9781786450425

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Jesse Thomas is embarking on the final year of his Bachelor's degree in English Literature, and he's fairly confident he'll get top marks, but it's the only thing he is confident about. In a few weeks' time, he's heading to Cornwall with his best friends, Noah and Matty, and their new housemate Leigh, for a week of 'fun and relaxation'.

As the holiday nears, Jesse's body anxiety escalates. He'll be sharing a campervan with three other people, which will mean getting dressed and undressed in front of them or else squeezing into the tiny bathroom. Then there's the surfing and swimming, and a whole host of other activities that involve showing a good deal more of himself than he'd choose to.

However, it's not Noah and Matty seeing his body that bothers him; it's beautiful, funny Leigh, and Jesse's not the only one having a hard time.

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NOTE: this novel follows on from previous stories, but it is completely stand-alone.

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WARNING: this story may contain scenes of intimacy between consenting young/new adults.