No Time Like The Present (HBTC #2)

15th November, 2012
No Time Like The Present (HBTC #2) Cover


ISBN: 9781909192034

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Published: 15th November, 2012 - ebook re-edited October, 2015
Length: 96,000 words (340 pages) approx.

Sometimes a murder mystery is the least of life's challenges...

This sequel to Hiding Behind The Couch finds Josh and The Circle fighting to prove the innocence of one James Brown, a well-liked and respected MD of a pizza restaurant chain.

But his past is far from helpful in freeing him of suspicion, and Eleanor is all set to call it a day.

It's the perfect time to make new friends, make amends...and solve a murder case.

* * * * *

'...a beautiful tapestry which is a story encompassing so many lives and their interconnections.'

'I wanted more just so I could find out what the future held for my newfound 'friends'.'

'All I can hope is for the possibility that Debbie McGowan might like to make this into a trilogy, or even a series that I can keep indulging in for either the rest of my own or the characters' lives!!'

NOTE: contains Hiding Behind The Couch plot spoilers - it is therefore recommended that these novels are read in order.

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