No Time Like The Present (HBTC #2)

15th November, 2012
No Time Like The Present (HBTC #2) Cover


ISBN: 9781909192034

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[Hiding Behind The Couch Series: Book Two]

"Not the typical murder scene. No dark, rainy street filled with concealed doorways and nooks where dangers lurk, imagined or real. Not even a place devoid of other people that would witness such grisly events with relish. This, an average office in a busy multi-storey block, in the middle of the day, a bright, warm one at that, and the usual staff milling around, mostly temps, armed with reams for photocopying, or otherwise glued to the nothingness of their computer monitors. No-one heard, saw, suspected anything out of the ordinary."

This sequel to Hiding Behind The Couch finds Josh and his friends fighting to prove the innocence of one James Brown, a well liked and respected managing director of a chain of pizza restaurants. But his past is far from helpful in freeing him of suspicion and Eleanor is all set to call it a day.

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