Sugar and Sawdust

1st July, 2014
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ISBN: 9781910635193

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Published 1st July, 2014
Length: 12,970 words (approx)

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Jorje's sister worries about him. He's a successful model with a serious passion for fashion—a pretty boy, who looks a lot younger than his twenty-two years. And he's sweet and kind. Guys take advantage of him, playing him to get at his money, or just to be seen with him on their arm, which is why sister Taylor has taken over control of his finances, his grocery shopping, even his love life. So it's not looking good, when Jorje wakes up with no recollection of the night before, a whopping hangover and a ton of missed calls from Taylor…and a mystery guy in the bed.

"Where the hell are you? I've been calling you for almost an hour!"

"I was, err, busy."

"Yes, well, I don't really think I want to know about that. So whose place did you end up at this time? How old is he? Do you even know his name? Please tell me you haven't…"

Jorje held his phone away from his ear, listening to the continuing barrage of questions. He totally got that Tay worried about him, but he was twenty-two and could look after himself. OK, maybe that was overstating things slightly, given that his lack of answer was down to not having one. He didn't even know where he was, let alone the guy's name. However, the aroma of bacon drifting up the stairs was alluring enough to warrant trying to find out.

"Look, Tay. I'll call you later, OK?" He quickly pressed "end call", tugged on his T-shirt and followed the smell to its source. Pausing on the stairs, he took in the view of the open-plan lounge and kitchen. And there was mystery guy, just finishing up loading bacon onto thick wholemeal toast—one-handed, because the other hand was occupied…

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