In The Stars Part I: Capricorn-Gemini (HBTC #4)

1st January, 2014
In The Stars Part I: Capricorn-Gemini (HBTC #4) Cover


ISBN: 9781909192317

Published: 1st January, 2014; second edition published 25th January, 2018
Length: 174,000 words (584 pages) approx.

Some things are just meant to be, or sometimes it seems that way. Like old uni pals inexplicably moving to your hometown, or realising that your childhood best friend is the love of your life, or landing a star role in a hit TV series that could well be your autobiography.

Fate, karma, written in the stars, or just bizarre quirks of coincidence?

For better or worse, the events of the next six months will push the friends to the limits. For The Circle can expand and contract, but it is always whole; eternal.

Set over the first six months of a year of The Circle, In The Stars Part I explores the day-to-day lives of nine friends from high school who are now it their late thirties, following them through celebration, loss, illness and life-changing decisions.

What readers say about the Hiding Behind The Couch Series:

'The remarkable characterisation in these novels is what makes them for me.'

'This story reminds me of my favorite movies about friendship and relationships.'

'Few authors have explored the depths of longtime friends within a group, or 'circle' the way Debbie McGowan has!'

'I have a love-hate relationship with Debbie McGowan's Hiding Behind the Couch Series. I love to read them, I HATE it when they're over.'

In The Stars Part I is Season Four in the Hiding Behind The Couch Series.

In The Stars is also available as 12 separate episodes (ebook only).

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