Hiding Behind The Couch Series

HIDING BEHIND THE COUCH is a series of novels and short stories about a group of nine friends - The Circle - who first met at school.
They've been described as the literary equivalent of 'Take That' - there's a character to suit everyone.
Why not dip into the story and see what you think?


I write character-driven stories, but they can be about ANYTHING and I don't like to stick to one genre. Thus, there's some CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC FICTION that's LGBTQ+ (i.e. it's about people, people!), plus a little SCI-FI FANTASY of the amateur quantum physics (time travel-ish) variety and a little HISTORICAL FICTION too!

Not Fiction

I'm a social scientist, interdisciplinary - identity politics, gender and sexuality, social/political psychology; ethnographer, deconstuctionist, discourse-analytical...free-floating, unapologetic in-betweeny.
It's my fence, and I'll sit on it if I like. (The personal is political.)

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19th September, 2018

#WIPpet Wednesday - Alumni: In The Spirit

It's WIPpet Wednesday again. :)I've been staying at my mum's for the past week, looking after/being looked after by this fine chap. Now I'm home, and my dogs don't care one way or the other. The cat...

12th September, 2018

#WIPpet Wednesday - Alumni: Discretion

Two WIPpet Wednesdays in a row, woohoo! I'm on a roll and snippeting from Alumni again.Brief story info:Alumni is Season Eight of Hiding Behind The Couch, and obviously has some elements of the...


Tabula Rasa

"Guess I'm too big for the swings now," Lois said with an airy sigh. "Being nearly thirty and all."

"You took that to heart, eh?" Rob glanced sideways at her, and she turned her nose up. "How old d'you think it makes me feel?"

"You're not old," Lois argued.

"Hmm. You haven't met Travis, have you?"

"Zoë's fiancé?"

"Yeah. Nice guy."

"But you don't like him."

Rob weighed it up, as he'd been doing ever since Zoë and Travis got together. "I don't not like him. It's tricky, you know?"