Hiding Behind The Couch

HIDING BEHIND THE COUCH is a series of novels and short stories about a group of nine friends - The Circle - who first met at school.
They've been described as the literary equivalent of 'Take That' - there's a character to suit everyone.
Why not dip into the story and see what you think?


I write character-driven stories, but they can be about ANYTHING and I don't like to stick to one genre. Thus, there's some CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC FICTION that's LGBTSQ (i.e. it's about people, people!), plus a little SCI-FI FANTASY of the amateur quantum physics (time travel-ish) variety and a little HISTORICAL FICTION too!

Not Fiction

I'm a social scientist, specifically of identity politics and the radical deconstruction of gender and sexuality. In non-jargon, imagine a world where your gender isn't on your birth certificate, you can marry who you like, wear what you like, cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria... BUT it doesn't have to be! Just imagine.

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7th April, 2014

My Writing Process - Blog Hop

Blog hop! What a great idea, like playing the Wikipedia game of link-clicking and getting lost in a whole new world of knowledge, except here you get to meet some authors you might not have met...

2nd April, 2014

Let's Talk About Sex Roundtable (part two)

Welcome to Part Two of our Roundtable discussion on sex in gay fiction, with authors, Larry Benjamin, WS Long, Andrew Q. Gordon and Hans Hirschi, all of whom write gay fiction. Deb McGowan, author...

1st April, 2014

Let's Talk About Sex Roundtable (part one)

Here's something a little different, AND you get to enter a giveaway!Awesome!I recently moderated a discussion between four authors - Larry Benjamin, Andrew Q. Gordon, Hans M. Hirschi and WS Long -...


In The Stars Part I

    Rank mops and disinfectant. The stench clung to every grubby cubic inch of air. Metal clanged loudly against metal; the jangle of keys echoed around the corridors and up through the levels, ricocheting along landings and up into the void above. It was a grey, grey world. The steel doors were painted in industrial grey; the bars were Hammerite grey; the walls, perhaps a shade lighter than the doors, still grey; the skylights up above showed nothing but grey sky. Even the uniforms and overalls were grey. Everything: grey.

    Well, almost everything.