Hiding Behind The Couch

HIDING BEHIND THE COUCH is a series of novels and short stories about a group of nine friends - The Circle - who first met at school.
They've been described as the literary equivalent of 'Take That' - there's a character to suit everyone.
Why not dip into the story and see what you think?


I write character-driven stories, but they can be about ANYTHING and I don't like to stick to one genre. Thus, there's some CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC FICTION that's LGBTSQ (i.e. it's about people, people!), plus a little SCI-FI FANTASY of the amateur quantum physics (time travel-ish) variety and a little HISTORICAL FICTION too!

Not Fiction

I'm a social scientist, specifically of identity politics and the radical deconstruction of gender and sexuality. In non-jargon, imagine a world where your gender isn't on your birth certificate, you can marry who you like, wear what you like, cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria... BUT it doesn't have to be! Just imagine.

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8th December, 2014

No more bullying of authors by reviewers

There is a school of thought which argues authors shouldn't read reviews of their work, because reviews are written for other would-be readers. Furthermore, those who argue for free expression in...


Crying in the Rain

    Ade was awake.

    His alarm had been set to go off at six, but he'd barely slept all night, waiting for a 'reasonable' time to get out of bed. Five-fifteen was what he'd settled on, because if asked, he could contend that he needed to be in early to prepare the studio, even though the actors would most likely spend the morning rehearsing, and therefore wouldn't start recording until after lunch. The clock displayed 5:14, and he waited out the seconds, his heart pounding double time to the flashing colon of the clock's LED, as he mentally prepared for whatever might happen next.